Black Swan: Does a kiss on the quinny warrant an Oscar?

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Having been sent my ballot for the Cyber Horror Awards 2010 I swung into panic fueled action in order to catch up on my horror film viewing; so I could cast my votes. As you can tell by my lack of posting lately, since the birth of the spawn I have been a little remiss in keeping up with my horror material.

Black Swan was high on my list of ‘must see’ films and with the Oscars Ceremony hours away from starting I thought it pertinent to enter the discourse on the validity of the films nomination and the nomination of its stars Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.

I enjoyed the film, Nina’s (Portman) descent into madness was believable and some of the twists and turns fed to the viewer by her delusions and illusions were well executed. The final twenty minutes of the film I felt were thrilling, the use of the sound of the swans wings created a fantastic scape for her transformation.

Kunis’ character was reasonable, with her feature moment being that she performs cunnilingus on Portman in a moment that cues Nina’s spiral into psychosis. Now I’m sure there are some quips to be made here about hairs on your palm or the consequences of performing the female beast with two backs… I can’t help but ask the question does a kiss on the Quinny warrant an Oscar for Natalie Portman? Hadley Freeman from the UK newspaper the Guardian wrote a funny dryly British article on the topic recently which is worth a read, especially as she makes the point that Natalie is not on her own this year in the trend for women in film to go the growl!

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Black Swan

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